Underneath and around the castleruins of Valkenburg we created a fantastic climbingtrip. Going up and down in the fairytalelike surroundings of the cavesystem with an unique atmosphere. Numerous abstacles have to be overtaken in order to reach the end. The tour is suited for everyone. Everyone is free to chose wether or not he wants to take part in each seperate activity.

Crawl through, sneak through

During the entire tour you will be in the secret medieval escape passages from the castle ruins. Sometimes those corridors are wide and high, sometimes narrow and low. By stares and ladders you will move through this underground maze to get from one part of the tour to anonther.

Via ferrata

This Italian expression is used for easy climbs in the Alps, where climbers use ladders and steel cabels to reach the summit. We have created our own via ferrata in our caves which you can explore.


One of the highlights in this tour. From the impressing castle ruins you’ll descend into the castle’s old, 30 meter deep well. You’ll reach the old escaperoutes of the knights and continue the tour through the caves. An unique experience!

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