Saturday, the 6th of June, the Castle Ruins will be open for visitors. The Velvet Cave still remains closed. Read here all about the measures we take to make your visit to the castle safe.

Booking required
For each visit, a reservation is required. To make your reservation click here.

Feeling ill? No entrance
Please go home if you have any health complaints or symptoms (cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or fever). Please go home if someone in your household has a fever (from 38° C) and/or when someone in your household is short of breath.

Follow the arrows

Present max. 15 min. prior
Be present max. 15 minutes before the start. Leave immediately after your visit.

1,5 meter distance
Maintain social distancing (1,5 meters from other visitors).

Follow the instructions
Follow the instructions of the staff.


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