Stichting Kasteel van Valkenburg (Valkenburg Castle Foundation)

The Stichting Kasteel van Valkenburg (Valkenburg Castle Foundation) was founded in 1924 with the objectives of preserving the Velvet Cave and the ruins of Valkenburg Castle (the Netherlands’ only hilltop castle), as they are now, for future generations and keeping both of these national monuments safe and accessible.

This is no easy task, for several reasons, not least because the former Valkenburg Castle is hewn from marlstone, which makes any restoration works prohibitively expensive. The Velvet Cave also requires extensive maintenance to guarantee safety.

Both locations can be visited year-round (preferably together, but can also be visited individually).

The site can also be rented for group activities such as marlstone carving, sporting events and entertainment. At the entrance to the castle ruin, a lively brasserie welcomes you for drinks and light bites.

The site is also a frequent shooting location for television programmes produced for Dutch, French, Belgian and British television. All proceeds from these activities go towards the maintenance and preservation of these unique pieces of cultural heritage.

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