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Kasteelruine en Fluweelengrot in Valkenburg

Experience the Valkenburg Castle Ruins with augmented reality

Exploring the castle in its former glory, helping to prepare for a medieval wedding, and learning all about the numerous stages of building the castle went through, all this and more is possible thanks to the new Augmented Reality (AR) routes through the Valkenburg castle ruins. This not only brings the history of the former castle to life, it helps you become a part of it!

Who wouldn't want to try that?

Our new AR routes will make your visit to the remains of the imposing castle even more interesting and realistic! They offer a brand-new experience where nothing… Or should we say,  everything is what it seems. Thank to this amazing technology, you no longer have to imagine the images andstories yourself. Instead, you can receive them directly on your smartphone or tablet as you explore the ruins. Download the app, grab your mobile phone, and immerse yourself in the history of Valkenburg Castle. You can choose from the experience route or the historical architecture route.

Experience route: A medieval wedding

As you go through the experience route, you will help prepare for a medieval wedding. You can use the AR app to open the drawbridge, light the candles, and hang the shield in the right place in the great hall. As you make your way through the castle, you will meet Lambert the travelling merchant, Heleen the cleaner, and servants Raes and Yda who are busily preparing for the wedding of Jan van Pallandt and Anna van Culemborg in 1495.
Experience all aspects of the medieval atmosphere and let your imagination run wild.

Historical architecture route: The creation of Valkenburg Castle

If you have ever wondered how Valkenburg Castle was created, then make sure to follow the historical architecture route. Throughout history, the ladies and lords of the castle knew what they wanted to make of their castle. During this tour, you will discover the numerous stages of building the castle as well as the different towers that were part of it and their respective functions. Additionally, you will also be guided through the impressive areas in the castle such as the chapel and the great hall as it was back in the day.

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  • Wondering how it works? It couldn't be easier! Download the free ‘Valkenburg Castle’ app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Did you know that you can start on your AR route from the comfort of your home? After the download has finished installing, open the app and click on the ‘Sneak peek’ button for a sneak peek... Then try to decide which route you will take!
  • Think you already know everything there is to know about the castle ruins? You are definitely in for a treat, we can assure you of that! Now, you can experience the castle ruins in an entirely new way.
Beleef de rijke geschiedenis van de Kasteelruine en de Fluweelengrot in Valkenburg

Daalhemerweg 27 | 6301 BJ Valkenburg aan de Geul

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Daalhemerweg 27 | 6301 BJ Valkenburg aan de Geul

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